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Glo Brite UV Floss

The original fluorescent floss, devised by Tom Saville over 30 years ago, a colour for any fly, copi..

1,79€ Ex Tax: 1,49€

Knápek Glowing Tinsel

Nylon spun fiber • Capacity: 100 meters (110 yd) • Thickness: 0,37 mm (1/64) • Suitable for..

1,60€ Ex Tax: 1,33€

Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn

When we look closely at insects and invertebrates they are not just one colour but a range of mixed ..

4,50€ Ex Tax: 3,75€

Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn

Genuine very buggy polyyarn ready for simply wrapping around a hook to dub a dry fly. Dry Fly Polyya..

4,60€ Ex Tax: 3,83€

Semperfli Flat 1.5mm 1/16" Flat Braids

Flat-Braid is very thin tightly braided metalloplastic ribbon we have had designed to form very slim..

4,40€ Ex Tax: 3,67€

Soldarini Parachute Post

Synthetic material for the realization of the post of parachute flies.  Due to its extraordinary buo..

2,80€ Ex Tax: 2,33€

Sybai Flat Tinsel 0,4mm

The most used size essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patterns. Its s..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€

Sybai Flat Tinsel 0.4 mm

Essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patters. Its shine makes the fly m..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€