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About Us

One day I was asked by programmer to write couple of words about us, about our e-shop.
My life was always so much connected to fishing, that I also worked for fishing shops in Slovakia. But then there was time to create my own shop. I knew that I have to do things different if I wanted to be successful. But that was risky.
At the beginning of Thymallus shop we have been organising expo called “Flyfish saturday”, with our friends from Kysuce region.Then we started to record our first fishing videos, which you can find on YouTube.

As we was working hard on Thymallus we got to our next objective and that was to sponsor restocking rivers. The first was Kysuca river. We offered money and helped to purchase beautiful grayling and trout. It was very successful project. Nowadays we can see the successful result of our concern. The Kysuca fishing ground is one of the best attended not only by slovak fishermen but also from Poland and Czech republic.



I like river Kysuca a lot, but my childhood is connected to river Váh in the Ružomberok district. Váh is the longest river in Slovak republic, but also the river in we managed to feed up the queen of our rivers salmon. Also fishermen from abroad visiting river Váh. We are also supporting restocking in river Váh. Already our first attempt to do this was very successful. The river revived and that makes me satisfied of my decision to be part of this all and I don`t regret a single € we spent on this actions.We are also cooperating with other organisations that are doing the same thing. And the result we can see in great catches of fishermen.



Life is flowing as that big river Váh. Step by step we got to the state where the river Váh can invite sport fishermen, and that`s the reason the “Big River Race” event was created, and it`s purpose is to get another financial sources to take care about the river. The river deserves it.



Ján Táborecký