Hair, fur

Hair, fur
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Bucktail Soldarini

Great material for large salmon tube flies. Bucktail hair are used as wings on many streamer and sa..

2,90€ Ex Tax: 2,42€

Roe Deer Ear

The equivalent of hare's ear with the advantage of the hair being hollow, which assures better flota..

7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,58€

Semperfli Intense Inferno Boar Bristles

Inferno Boar Bristles We use the finest straight Boar Bristles, pressure dye these for a deep dye..

4,50€ Ex Tax: 3,75€

Zonker Mink

Mink Zonker Strips have soft hair and look natural in the water. Use for streamers. Zonker strips ar..

3,60€ Ex Tax: 3,00€

Zonker strips barred

Our high dense barred zonker strips are dyed in the best and durable colors to provide for all fly t..

1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,42€