Adhesives, paints, floatant

Adhesives, paints, floatant
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UV Gel Cleaner

Počas vytvrdnutia UV gélu zostáva povrch mušky čiastočne lepkavý. Na odstránenie sa používa čistič U..

1,99€ Ex Tax: 1,66€

Gulff Grand Daddy, silver glitter 15ml

The Big Mama, Big Daddy and Grand Daddy UV resins, designed in cooperation with Vision, are designed..

19,90€ Ex Tax: 16,58€

Gulff Max FL. White 15ml

The products of GULFF undoubtedly represent the best quality, innovation and technol..

18,90€ Ex Tax: 15,75€

Aquasure +FD

With Aquasure® by McNett® you can easily repair tears and rips in your favorite waders, bivvie and o..

8,50€ Ex Tax: 7,08€


Duck the floatant is a fly floatant using brand new technology developed by the Gulff laboratory. It..

9,90€ Ex Tax: 8,25€

Loon Aquel

This premium gel floatant is the world’s best fly floatant. Aquel is long lasting, silicon based and..

7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,58€

Loon Lochsa

Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC. It won’t mat dry flies made with..

11,90€ Ex Tax: 9,92€


Package content: 10 ml (10 g) UV TOP LACQUER - resin varnish for flies This UV resin has a..

6,00€ Ex Tax: 5,00€

ZAP-A-GAP 14,1g

It has an open time of 7 to 10 seconds and hardens in 20 seconds 14,1g ..

5,80€ Ex Tax: 4,83€