Tapered Leader and Tippets

Tapered Leader and Tippets
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Floating Nymph Indicator

Popis : Plávajúci indikátor, pomôcka pri love na tzv. francúzsku nymfu. Dĺžka 10 cm / 13 cm. Dĺžk..

4,70€ Ex Tax: 3,92€

Indicator line Two tone

Due to the two tone nature this 30 meter line is easy to see in all light conditions. Allows you to ..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Line Marker

These handy pens are ideal for marking line or pole sections. ..

15,20€ Ex Tax: 12,67€

Sandro Soldarini S-Power Fluorocarbon 50m

Products from Soldarini Fly Tackle (Italy) are well-known amongst international competition fly fish..

13,95€ Ex Tax: 11,63€

Seaguar Grand Max FX 30 yd

100% fluorocarbon tippet line – the Seaguar “Double Structure Technology” makes Grand Max FX incredi..

12,50€ Ex Tax: 10,42€

Soldarini Bicolor tapered leader 12ft

New bi-colored nymph endings marked every 5-8 cm of fluorescent orange-yellow. Totally devoid of mem..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Soldarini Camou Leader Fluo Light

Tapered leader made by special camouflage monofilament great for all fly fishing techniques Size ..

6,90€ Ex Tax: 5,75€

Soldarini Camou Line

The Latest generation of high resistance monofilament camouflage for fly fishing. Its strenght as..

8,00€ Ex Tax: 6,67€

Soldarini Euro Nymph Leader 9m

Final made with a special fluo white monofilament, totally devoid of memory. Designed for the “Czech..

12,00€ Ex Tax: 10,00€

Soldarini European Nymphing Leader

Tapered Euro Nymphing Leader (0.28 mm Butt Section) Length: 15 ft. (4.5 m) Hardly any stretch..

6,90€ Ex Tax: 5,75€

Soldarini Tapered Leader 9ft

Soldarini Classic Extra-strong invisible Tapered Leader with ceramic power technology. 0,12mm-0,4..

4,40€ Ex Tax: 3,67€

Soldarini Two Tone Indicator Line

Lates generation two toned mnofilament, designed to be used as strike indicator and great for all ny..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Strike Indicator Line Hanák 50 m

One-color extra fluo distinctive mono line for creating various nymphing rigs and indicators, incl..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Stroft ABR 25m

The main emphasis when tuning STROFT ABR is attaining the line’s resistance to wear and abrasion. Th..

3,60€ Ex Tax: 3,00€

Stroft FC1 Fluorocarbon 50m

The 100% fluorocarbon fishing line with the highest breaking strain that has yet been tested by th..

25,00€ Ex Tax: 20,83€