Landing nets

Landing nets
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Magnet na podberák

Extrémne praktická pomôcka pre každého rybára ktorý chce mať podberák stále po ruke. Vysoko kvalitné..

7,50€ Ex Tax: 6,25€

Fencl Magnet 6,2kg

Fencl unique magnetic holder 4.8 kg and 6.2 kg designed for landing net heads, including steel s..

41,00€ Ex Tax: 34,17€

Fencl Trout Area Fish Hunter

Landing net head with silicone mesh, designed especially for Trout Area races and lake fly fishing ..

34,30€ Ex Tax: 28,58€

Trout Net Silicon

The catch and release net features a soft, clear net material that’s gentle on the fish and won’t ta..

25,00€ Ex Tax: 20,83€