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Coq de leon

Indispensable material that is used in binding mayfly nymphs and dry. Stet shows mayfly. Feathers ar..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Marabou - short

Very soft feathers of a turkey. This is a less suitable for tying feathers lake lures and streamer t..

0,80€ Ex Tax: 0,67€

Ewing Deceiver Neck Patches

Ewing Deceiver Neck Patches are truly a great value for the Deceiver and warm water fly tyer. Unde..

27,90€ Ex Tax: 23,25€

Keough Soft Hackle Patch Grizzly

This is the full bird body without wings and necks. They are very large and have a lot of feathers. ..

33,90€ Ex Tax: 28,25€

Partridge Dyed Soldarini

Partridge sected feathers for multiple uses. ..

2,70€ Ex Tax: 2,25€

Turkey biots

Seacoast of turkey feathers, useful for forming the bodies of nymphs, dry flies, midges. 4-pack, le..

1,69€ Ex Tax: 1,41€

Whiting Bugger Pack

Perfect for palmering wooly bugger style flies ..

29,90€ Ex Tax: 24,92€

Whiting CDL Euro Nymph Tailing Pack

Whiting created this tailing pack from Coq de Leon feathers with long fibers. The pattern of each fi..

22,90€ Ex Tax: 19,08€

Whiting Saddle Hackle packs

One of the most popular fly tying products ever produced, the Whiting Saddle Hackle packs offer conv..

3,90€ Ex Tax: 3,25€