Body Stretch

Body Stretch
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Pro Shrimp shell G2

The Pro Shrimpshell is the latest addition to the line up of shrimp shells.  Size / pc M..

6,30€ Ex Tax: 5,25€

Shrimp Shell Woe

The SHRIMP SHELL WOE (With Out Eyes) is designed as a complementary product for our lineup of sh..

6,30€ Ex Tax: 5,25€

Sybai Body Stretch 4 mm

Body Stretch 4 mm Body Stretch, the original type of material for covering the backs of your nymp..

1,35€ Ex Tax: 1,13€

Sybai Mirage Braidback

A new version of a braided back with a stronger pearlrscent shine for scuds, shrimp and midges also ..

1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,42€