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Pads Fly Line

Wheel diameter: 75 cm Protection against fly line tangling, mud, sand, grass and other debris whi..

24,00€ Ex Tax: 20,00€

Robinson Fly Line

Fly high line. They are very soft, well the huddle and have a very long life. Its exceptional softne..

15,00€ Ex Tax: 12,50€

Soldarini Tactical Euro Nymph Kit

Details: Set for Euro Nymphing 6m (20 ft.) floating nymph level line with micro loops 2,43..

22,00€ Ex Tax: 18,33€

Ahrex Flexi Stripper

The Flexistripper was developed and produced by Danish split-cane-rod-builder-extraordinaire Bjarne ..

60,00€ Ex Tax: 50,00€

Air Cel DT

Can’t decide what to fish for? Our AirCel general-purpose floating line is a simple, no-frills..

49,90€ Ex Tax: 41,58€

Air Cel Short WF

Weight-forward fly line with a welded loop on the front Braided multifilament core Shor..

49,90€ Ex Tax: 41,58€

Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long Fly Lines

The Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long fly line has been designed to keep your flies 'in the zone' when..

59,00€ Ex Tax: 49,17€

Backing 20lbs

Backing doesn’t just connect your fly line to your reel, it also provides insurance for those drag-b..

7,00€ Ex Tax: 5,83€

ECOastal Basket Light Grey

Sondergaard’s ECOastal Stripping Basket is the result of the combination of light-weight mater..

79,00€ Ex Tax: 65,83€

Finger protection

Asi každý muškár pozná ako dopadnú prsty pri celodennom muškárení, sťahovaní šnúry medzi prstami, na..

2,20€ Ex Tax: 1,83€

Frequency Fly line 3M

All-around trout fly line Versatile taper excels with most flies and conditions Excels ..

59,90€ Ex Tax: 49,92€

Guideline Predator DX SlowInter. -31%

Guideline Predator DX SlowInter.

Fishing for predatory fish such as pike, perch, sea bass and sea trout is becoming more and more pop..

79,90€ 55,00€ Ex Tax: 45,83€

Hanak Camou Clear INT line

After 3 years of intensive development and testing, it is here. Almost invisible slightly masked CA..

50,00€ Ex Tax: 41,67€

Hanak Czech Lake Pro

Fly line made ​​for the company Hanak custom company in the UK . Allow the setting of light . They a..

50,00€ Ex Tax: 41,67€

Mastery Competition Nymph Intermediate

Built to FIPS Mouche standards, but designed to simply catch fish, the Mastery Competition Nym..

59,90€ Ex Tax: 49,92€