TT UV reflective

Thying Thread UV reflective

Thying Thread UV reflective

Binding, ringing accent and a thread-specific properties

Their development has been very challenging and focused on it that the colors were viewed under ultraviolet light. Wide range of colors from white to black, but do not be fooled at first glance color in UV light looks completely different.

Perception of invisible light

Eye color is perceived as a reflection of light of a certain wavelength. The human eye perceives color with a wavelength of 400-750 nm. Eye wide range of animals, among them the fish, sees the reflection of light below 400 nm, ie. Ultraviolet radiation (UV). The natural source of UV radiation is the sun. UV light has a shorter wavelength and thus higher energy than visible light for us. For the perception of color under UV light we can help out a suitable UV light. We find that the perception of color is completely different, changing the hue, the color is much brighter and irritable, some colors lit directly.

You shine - the UV light on a wide range of builders, we find that at a wavelength below 400 nm does not reflect or only minimally reflected light. We perceive color dull, vague and dull. In contrast, if you shine a new type of thread closer to perception of color fish and we will be surprised how suddenly the color looks like and how much light is reflected.

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