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Guide master tech pack

Rybárska vesta nielen pre prívlačiarov, ale je vhodná aj pre muškárov. Veľkosť vesty je možné prispô..

65,00€ Ex Tax: 54,17€


The Slurp Baits! The complete series of baits for trout fishing, have now another leading actor: the..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Rapture Aerial rods

A barrel really 2.0 is technically and aesthetically a"another world !! Always looking for perfectio..

120,00€ Ex Tax: 100,00€

Rapture Bottom Master 1,6g

Trout Area Bottom Master Artificial Baits are a 2020 Rapture novelty ideal for bottom fishing. Th..

4,00€ Ex Tax: 3,33€

Rapture Diavel 35

They already know the catalogues of all existing brands, but they still would like to attack somethi..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Rapture Hexa 1,3g

Specific for Area Trout (Bottom and Vertical Fishing). Ideal to hunt difficult trout near the lake’s..

4,80€ Ex Tax: 4,00€

Rapture Hot Buzz 25

The wide range of colours and their shape, which perfectly imitate natural prey fish, make it a perf..

4,90€ Ex Tax: 4,08€

Rapture Mouse

Artificial Rapture Dancer Mouse 45 mm ARTIFICIAL LURE RAPTURE DANCER MOUSE It stimulates the topwate..

7,00€ Ex Tax: 5,83€

Rapture Native 2,6g

Eclectic spoon, with an effective movement both in retrieve and with slack line during the fall to t..

4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,50€

Rapture Prism Spoon

Designed for long throws, develops a swimming with effective side swings irresistible to the predato..

3,50€ Ex Tax: 2,92€

Rapture Pro Team Long Sleeves T-shirt

Rapture Pro Team Long Sleeves T-SHIRT RAPTURE PRO TEAM SHIRTS LONG SLEEVES In a quick drying fabric,..

30,00€ Ex Tax: 25,00€

Rapture Ryzer 1,3g

The Rapture Ryzer Spoon was specially developed for vertical fishing or bottom bait technology. The ..

4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,50€

Rapture Sysma 2,6g

As a matter of fact, it sinks to the bottom at the same speed as the pellets used in breeding farms,..

3,90€ Ex Tax: 3,25€

Rapture UNI-NET Handle

 Short handle (15cm). It can convert any net head into a proper landing net, suitable for wading riv..

4,00€ Ex Tax: 3,33€

Rapture Xonar 2,2g

Specific for Area Trout, perfect for UL spinning Ultralight weights; special long life coatings..

4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,50€