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Angel Hair

Very fine Mylar® synthetic hair with 6" to 8" strands  that is packaged in hanks. It doesn't absorb ..

1,85€ Ex Tax: 1,54€

Flash Iceland Sheep Hair UV

A unique mixture of Icelandic sheep coat (without undercoat) and fine fibers with a pearlescent shee..

3,10€ Ex Tax: 2,58€

Holographic Tinsel Hair

A very strong, 3-D holographic effect, flat mylar. Used on almost every style of flies. Extremly sof..

2,25€ Ex Tax: 1,88€

Sparkle Hair

Great material for making flies so. sparkle. Possibility to use even with bindings Blobel, ringing n..

2,00€ Ex Tax: 1,67€

Blend Angel Hair

A mixture very fine Mylar® synthetic hair with 6" to 8" strands that is packaged in hanks. It doesn'..

2,70€ Ex Tax: 2,25€

Craft Fur Barred Soldarini

Synthetic fur for streamers (pike, hucho,salmon) and sea flies   ..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Fine Trilobal Wing

Fine winging material used on almost every style of flies. Excellent for tail and bodies as well. Ve..

2,00€ Ex Tax: 1,67€

Glow In The Dark Twist Hair

Ideal not only for use at night but also in low light conditions or in deeper water. More reflective..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

Hedron Big Fly Fiber two-tone coloured

 Straight or Curled, for large body flies with long tails in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber...

7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,58€

Krinkle Flash Traun River

With this unique blend of Krinkle Flash, Holographic Tinsel and UV Fibers you can tie super catchy s..

4,08€ Ex Tax: 4,08€

Polishquills Magic carpet

From Polish Quills of Lesjko, Poland comes a new material specifically designed for Pike patterns - ..

3,50€ Ex Tax: 2,92€

Saltwater Angel Hair

4 times wider than standard fiber Angel Hair of colors for predominantly saltwater fly patterns!..

2,70€ Ex Tax: 2,25€

Saltwater Ghost Hair

Wider than standard fiber Ghost Hair of colors for predominantly saltwater fly patterns! Fine transl..

2,70€ Ex Tax: 2,25€

Sybai Fine Hair

Translucent soft fibers with silk glitter with bland colours. Suitable especially where bold colours..

1,85€ Ex Tax: 1,54€

Sybai Ghost Flash

Ghost Flash is a mixture very fine translucent synthetic fiber and small amounth UV or Pearl flash f..

2,20€ Ex Tax: 1,83€