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Alta NGx Sonic Jacket

The Alta NGx Sonic Jacket is a bomb-proof shell for the truly dedicated angler who require best-in-c..

399,00€ Ex Tax: 332,50€

Easy Fold Net

No more tangles and getting stuck in branches when walking along the banks of your favorite stream o..

64,00€ Ex Tax: 53,33€

Fario CDC DT

A quiet and delicate Double Taper (DT) line for tactical fishing for spooky fish with light gear..

49,90€ Ex Tax: 41,58€

Guideline 4Cast

This new generation called 4Cast+, has been improved with small taper tweaks, thinner line diameters..

89,00€ Ex Tax: 74,17€

Guideline Coastal Slow Int.

Coastal is aimed at flyfishers targeting Seatrout, Sea Bass and other species requiring a stealthy a..

109,00€ Ex Tax: 90,83€

Guideline Nova Black

Guideline NOVA represents the beginning of a new era for our fly reels. Through a comprehensive ..

179,00€ Ex Tax: 149,17€

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc -32%

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc

NT8 rods are identified by a remarkable recovery kick in a rod that is Medium/Fast and loads..

955,00€ 649,00€ Ex Tax: 540,83€

Laxa 3.0 Traction Boot -40%

Laxa 3.0 Traction Boot

Our Laxa 3.0 wading boot is an updated version with a newly developed and very comfortable and suppo..

199,00€ 120,00€ Ex Tax: 100,00€

Laxa Waist Wader

Guidleine Laxa Waist Waders feature a brand new size-cut for an improved fit in our waist wader mode..

200,00€ Ex Tax: 166,67€

Multi Grip - Cork Grip

Guideline Multi Grip Cork Handle is a handle for those who prefer a classic and natural cork grip on..

19,50€ Ex Tax: 16,25€