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Alta Loft Jacket -50%

Alta Loft Jacket

This jacket features some new, cool and innovative details. Insulated with100% ECO friendly, silicon..

279,00€ 139,90€ Ex Tax: 116,58€

Guideline Compline Shooting line

This shooting line is solid, oval and slow sinking. It is known for being the most durable and dep..

39,00€ Ex Tax: 32,50€

Guideline Fario Tactical Camo -27%

Guideline Fario Tactical Camo

Fario Tactical is designed for smaller rivers or lakes, where presentation is more important than di..

89,00€ 65,00€ Ex Tax: 54,17€

Guideline FAVO

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have ..

149,00€ Ex Tax: 124,17€

Guideline Fly Reel HALO

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all aspects of material and manufacturing. T..

260,00€ Ex Tax: 216,67€

Guideline Kaitum wader -42%

Guideline Kaitum wader

  It has a flip out pocket, elastic waist belt andelastic shoulder straps. Gravel guard in main fabr..

239,00€ 139,00€ Ex Tax: 115,83€

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc -32%

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc

NT8 rods are identified by a remarkable recovery kick in a rod that is Medium/Fast and loads..

955,00€ 649,00€ Ex Tax: 540,83€

Guideline Predator DX SlowInter. New -31%

Guideline Predator DX SlowInter.

Fishing for predatory fish such as pike, perch, sea bass and sea trout is becoming more and more pop..

79,90€ 55,00€ Ex Tax: 45,83€

Guideline Waistbag L -37%

Guideline Waistbag L

No more problems with having to twist the whole system, including the waist belt. With attachment po..

109,00€ 69,00€ Ex Tax: 57,50€

Waterproof Neck Pouch

Same waterproof pouch as seen on our U.L.B.C wader. Fully waterproof for those precious items such a..

19,90€ Ex Tax: 16,58€