Fly Tying Tools

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Košík pod zverák

Odstrihnutý materiál napr. srsť padá pri strihaní do košíka. ..

14,90€ Ex Tax: 12,42€

Pákový zverák

Overený a veľmi často viazačmi používaný zverák. Výhodou je drážka v čelustiach, ktoré umožňuje bezp..

43,00€ Ex Tax: 35,83€

C&F Design CFT-120

The hackle pliers model CFT-120 works perfectly for normal hackles as well for parachutes. The plier..

42,90€ Ex Tax: 35,75€

C&F Design CFT-60

Top-of-the-line bobbin holder loaded with great features that will help you improve as a fly tyer. ..

48,90€ Ex Tax: 40,75€

Ceramic Bobbin Pro Short

A coil holder made of stainless steel with matt silver finish and ceramic insert. Length: 8,5 cm ..

7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,58€

Dubbing Twister

A weighted, brass base fly tying tool with two spring arms for holding the tying thread, that can be..

8,00€ Ex Tax: 6,67€

Ergo All Purpose Scissors - Black

These precision scissors now have a new ergonomic design and stainless steel blades. An excell..

18,90€ Ex Tax: 15,75€

Ergo Arrow Point Scissors - Black

3.5’’ (8,9cm) scissors Hand-honed in the USA Blade shape allows for maximum precision ..

17,90€ Ex Tax: 14,92€

Loon Ergo Arrow point - nožnice

The perfect scissors for when perfection is the standard. Ergonomic handles comfortably accommodate ..

21,90€ Ex Tax: 18,25€

Loon Ergo Hair Scissors

Heavy-duty scissors of the highest quality, designed for cutting through tough materials.   FE..

24,90€ Ex Tax: 20,75€

Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner

The ultimate dubbing spinner. Developed in partnership with the geniuses at Fly Fish Food, the Gator..

21,90€ Ex Tax: 18,25€

Loon High Tack Swax

Dubbing wax with a extra tack added; perfect for applying dubbing to the finest of threads for..

6,90€ Ex Tax: 5,75€

Loon Low Tack Swax

Dubbing wax perfect for applying dubbing to the finest of threads while helping to craft reali..

7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,58€