Fly rods are among the most important equipment of the angler. Demanding angler has in its equipped more often fly rod. Artificial fly fishing technique is progressing rapidly and today we recognize Fly Rods according to several criteria. Fly fishing lake - Lake rods, sea fly fishing - fly fishing rods, sea nymph fly fishing rods, fly fishing rods, wet flies, dry flies and special rods like. fly rod to the French nymph ....
Universal rod does not exist, although in our collection HANAK Rods trying to do with rods 4v1.

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Czech Nymph V Champion 4 v 1

Series of universal fly fishing rods made from high modulated quality carbon. Thanks to the special ..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

Wave Travel 490

Model 490: total length 275 cm,  AFTM # 4, weight 98 g  and 4 piece (73 cm), dry fly, wet fly and ny..

90,00€ Ex Tax: 75,00€

Wave Travel 796

Model 796: total length 290 cm,  AFTM # 7, weight 129 g  and 4 piece (77 cm), still water, big strea..

Alpen Nymph 4 v 1 MODEL 2018

A series of very powerful fly fishing rod made of highly modular carbon fiber. These rods are design..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

Biocraft XR Fly Salmon

The Biocraft XR Fly rods are the most technologically advanced fly rods ever produced by Shimano and..

339,00€ Ex Tax: 282,50€

Biocraft XR Fly Salt Wtr 9'0" #7

The Biocraft XR series consists of the most technologically advanced fly rods ever produced by Shima..

289,00€ Ex Tax: 240,83€

Delphin FLAYKA - fly rod

We haven´t forgotten about the “royal” discipline of fishing and we have prepared the series of fly ..

49,50€ Ex Tax: 41,25€

ECHO Boost Blue

The ECHO Boost Blue is a Rod designed for Maximum Line Speed. It is born from ECHO’s popular Boost S..

349,00€ Ex Tax: 290,83€

ECHO Carbon XL

The Carbon XL features a moderate action that excels at everything from dry fly fishing to nymphing ..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

ECHO Musky

Musky & Pike eat big food and the flies used to target them match the hatch!  Not many rods are buil..

339,00€ Ex Tax: 282,50€


Anglers fish glass for a long list of reasons. At the top of the list are more easily feeling the ro..

299,00€ Ex Tax: 249,17€

Greys GR60 Switch 11ft -39%

Greys GR60 Switch 11ft

An extensive range of high performance, modern fly rods including single handed, double handed and s..

279,00€ 170,00€ Ex Tax: 141,67€

Greys GR80 Prowla 9ft -35%

Greys GR80 Prowla 9ft

A high performance 4-section fly rod built to handle heavy lines, big flies, and the challenges of t..

398,00€ 260,00€ Ex Tax: 216,67€

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc -32%

Guideline NT8 12'9 - 6pc

NT8 rods are identified by a remarkable recovery kick in a rod that is Medium/Fast and loads..

955,00€ 649,00€ Ex Tax: 540,83€

HANÁK Competition Sea Trout – Novinka 2018

Very strong fly rod made of high modulus carbon (HI-Carbon). The precision processing and fast actio..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€