Fly rods are among the most important equipment of the angler. Demanding angler has in its equipped more often fly rod. Artificial fly fishing technique is progressing rapidly and today we recognize Fly Rods according to several criteria. Fly fishing lake - Lake rods, sea fly fishing - fly fishing rods, sea nymph fly fishing rods, fly fishing rods, wet flies, dry flies and special rods like. fly rod to the French nymph ....
Universal rod does not exist, although in our collection HANAK Rods trying to do with rods 4v1.

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Czech Nymph V Champion 4 v 1

Series of universal fly fishing rods made from high modulated quality carbon. Thanks to the special ..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

Wave Travel 490

Model 490: total length 275 cm,  AFTM # 4, weight 98 g  and 4 piece (73 cm), dry fly, wet fly and ny..

90,00€ Ex Tax: 75,00€

Alpen Nymph 4 v 1 MODEL 2018

A series of very powerful fly fishing rod made of highly modular carbon fiber. These rods are design..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

Delphin FLAYKA - fly rod

We haven´t forgotten about the “royal” discipline of fishing and we have prepared the series of fly ..

49,00€ Ex Tax: 40,83€

ECHO Shadow II

Euro nymph sticks designed by Tim and Team USA’s Pete Erickson.  Light and fast, the SHADOW II offer..

329,00€ Ex Tax: 274,17€

ECHO Shadow X New

ECHO Shadow X

ECHO SHADOW X Serious competitive anglers demand a rod that is both versatile and efficient. ..

489,00€ Ex Tax: 407,50€

HANAK Competition Czech Nymph X – New 2020 !

Brand new series of 6 specialist rods designed for different nymphing methods. They are made from hi..

233,00€ Ex Tax: 194,17€

HANÁK Competition Sea Trout – Novinka 2018

Very strong fly rod made of high modulus carbon (HI-Carbon). The precision processing and fast actio..

219,00€ Ex Tax: 182,50€

HANÁK Competition Stillwater X - NEW 2020

These powerful stillwater rods were developed in cooperation with John Emerson, an English internati..

233,00€ Ex Tax: 194,17€


By using the latest technologies and materials, combined with extra light components have managed ..

450,00€ Ex Tax: 375,00€

HANÁK Competition SUPERB XP 196

             Let us introduce a brand-new series of four ..

460,00€ Ex Tax: 383,33€

Hanák Superlite Rod

Brand new series of ultra light and high-powered rods. Usage of latest technologies and material..

400,00€ Ex Tax: 333,33€

Hydropsyche RCX # 2/3 - 9,6 ft/10,1ft

Soldarini Fly Tackle from Italy develop their rods in close collaboration with successful competitio..

239,00€ Ex Tax: 199,17€

Hydropsyche RCX 4/5

Modern carbon fiber rod with nano technology Premium cork handle Matte black blank Telescop..

239,00€ Ex Tax: 199,17€