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Aqua Veil Chenille

Fly tying Greg Senyo has developed veiling chenille for streamers patterns in killer colors. The bea..

3,50€ Ex Tax: 2,92€

Gel Core Sparkle Body

4mm Gel Core Sparkle Body is designed for Lure/Mini Lure bodies on patterns such as Dancers/Humungou..

2,60€ Ex Tax: 2,17€

GelCore Micro Body UV

Gel Core Micro Body UV – featuring added UV fibres into our popular 0.8mm Fritz. This Gel Core mater..

2,80€ Ex Tax: 2,33€

Krystal Hackle Chenille

This is a great synthetic hackle substitute that moves like marabou when it's in the water. I use in..

2,30€ Ex Tax: 1,92€

Mini Gel-Core Fritz

Mini Gel Core Fritz with added UV Fibres – perfect for tying halo blobs. ..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Mop chenille Tiger

A variegated version of Soldarini's mop chenille  ,6mm size. ..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Neon 15 chenille

NEON-15 is the first ever ‘non-translucent’ blob fritz. In this material, neon-flashabou fibres r..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

Polar Chenille

Long translucent fibers that undulate like marabou in the water. Can be used for Saltwater, Trou..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Semperfli Extreme String 40mm

For new and experience tyers the Semperfli Extreme String 40mm is ideal for large predator fishing. ..

3,90€ Ex Tax: 3,25€

Semperfli Straggle String

WHAT IS STRAGGLE STRING UV? At first glance Straggle String UV may seem like many of the other “f..

3,80€ Ex Tax: 3,17€

Semperfli Ultrafine Suede Chenilles

We found that the market standard Suede Chenilles were far too thick and made bulky flies which we d..

2,28€ Ex Tax: 1,90€


This material is a soft rubber chenille, ideal for bodies and worms. It is nano-core mounted and ..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Soldarini Mini Mop Chenille Pearl

Special chenille with bonded micro core, essential for building the famous “Mop Fly”. Easy to use,..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Wormstasy Chenille

The Italian manufacturer Soldarini is not only known for modern fly rods and well-thought-out acce..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€