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HANAK Competition River 3v1

HANAK Competition River 3v1-46 metal reel with three interchangeable plastic coils with a reliable b..

67,00€ Ex Tax: 55,83€

Hanak Competition WAVE

All metal large arbor reel with reliable brake. Wave 24  WF3F + 30 m backing , Bearings: 1RB ,..

50,00€ Ex Tax: 41,67€

Alfa Arctic 3

The name says it all. ARCTIC- pure, clean, art like design lines with state of art drag system. Util..

199,00€ Ex Tax: 165,83€

Alfa Arctic 5

The name says it all. ARCTIC- pure, clean, art like design lines with state of art drag system. Util..

229,00€ Ex Tax: 190,83€

Alfa Arctic 7

Whether you're hunting bonefish, trophy trout or light steelhead fishing, with this model everything..

249,00€ Ex Tax: 207,50€

Alfa Arctic 9

Fullframe aluminium construction: No off the reel jumping leaders and lines, even with the thinne..

299,00€ Ex Tax: 249,17€

ECHO Bravo LT Reel

Starting with ECHO’s proven drag design, they have cut, shaved, and overhauled the core of the reel ..

139,00€ Ex Tax: 115,83€


With a large arbour for quick retrieves and a hybrid machined/cast design, the ECHO ION REEL is a gr..

119,00€ Ex Tax: 99,17€

ECHO Shadow Click Reel

ECHO’s Revolutionary new “adjustable frame” design is available in two sizes so you can fish with bo..

119,00€ Ex Tax: 99,17€

Greys GX 1000  10/12 New -18%

Greys GX 1000 10/12

Greys GX 1000 Fly Reels - The Greys GX1000 fly reel is the flagship model of Greys high performance ..

315,00€ 259,00€ Ex Tax: 215,83€

Greys Tail Fly reel New

Greys Tail Fly reel

A new standard in Di-cast reel design, the latest addition to the Greys reel family is constructed f..

99,50€ Ex Tax: 82,92€

Guide Master XLT

Both the body and the spool are machined from a solid piece of aluminium under the assistance of the..

86,00€ Ex Tax: 71,67€

Guideline FAVO

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have ..

149,00€ Ex Tax: 124,17€

Guideline Fly Reel HALO

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all aspects of material and manufacturing. T..

260,00€ Ex Tax: 216,67€

HANAK Alphen Nymph

HANAK Alphen Nymph ultra-modern metal large arbor reel with exceptionally reliable and sensitive bra..

130,00€ Ex Tax: 108,33€