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Freestyle Tungsten Micro Jig Gamakatsu

Tungsten jig heads are smaller in proportion to the lead alternative which make them perfect for ult..

4,80€ Ex Tax: 4,00€

Gamakatsu F11-3F

Long shank hook for dry flies, light nymphs and streamers with down-eye and point for optimal hookin..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

Gamakatsu LS - 3423F

Hook with a large loop adapted for artificial baits such as wobler, lures and barspoon. Perfect shar..

2,20€ Ex Tax: 1,83€

Gamakatsu LS-3424F

The LS-3424F by Gamakatsu is very popular amongst moden lure fishermen as a substitut for treble hoo..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€

Gamakatsu Single 56

Weird in shape but very effective for ensuring those fish take a lure are hooked! You have to be car..

3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,50€


Háčik s veľkým očkom, ktorý je určený na umelé prívlačové nástrahy (rotačky, plandavky) Počet v b..

3,60€ Ex Tax: 3,00€

Shinken hooks S-55BLM

Specific series of barbless hooks to be used to replace wobblers trebles. ..

2,90€ Ex Tax: 2,42€