Tapered Leader and Tippets

Tapered Leader and Tippets
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Bicolour indicator

This line Indicator is one of the best ways to build a perfect czech nymphing Leader. orange/yellow..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Floating Nymph Indicator

Popis : Plávajúci indikátor, pomôcka pri love na tzv. francúzsku nymfu. Dĺžka 10 cm / 13 cm. Dĺžk..

4,50€ Ex Tax: 3,75€

Hanák Fluorocarbon 150m

Fluorocarbonový vlásec, ktorý je pod vodou neviditeľný. Tento vlásec nájde svoje uplatnenie v čistej..

11,00€ Ex Tax: 9,17€

Czech Nymph Tapered Knotless Mono Leader 4,5 m

Extra soft and knotless leader with minimum memory for smooth and accurate offering of your flies. ..

4,40€ Ex Tax: 3,67€

Czech Nymph Tapered Knotless Mono Leader 9 m

Extra soft and knotless leader with minimum memory for smooth and accurate offering of your flies. ..

7,30€ Ex Tax: 6,08€

HANÁK Competition Superlight Trout 1,5 m

Extra soft with minimum memory for delicate and precise presentation. Tapered for perfect transfer ..

7,30€ Ex Tax: 6,08€

Hanak Competition Tricolour Indicator Line 25 m

Revolutionary fluorescent three-color (Red / Yellow / Black) mono line for forming a variety of indi..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Line Dragon HM 80 New

Line Dragon HM 80

Hybrid fishing lines with fluorocarbon content produced by Momoi Fishing MFG Co., Ltd. hybrid fishin..

8,00€ Ex Tax: 6,67€

Tapered Knotless Mono Leader

Extra soft knotless tapered no-memory leader for fine and proper presentation of flies. Developed in..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Tapered leaders

Good quality tapered leaders for precise turnover. ..

1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,42€

Trabucco T Force XPS Soft Touch Flurocarbon Line

Monofilament in 100% fluorocarbon, extremely soft, abrasion-resistant and fast sinking. The main ch..

6,20€ Ex Tax: 5,17€

Trabucco XPS Ultra FC403

XPS ULTRA FC403 SALTWATER Beyond the extreme traction, a particularly hard life awaits the fluo..

16,50€ Ex Tax: 13,75€

TRAUN RIVER Tapered Leader

TRAUN RIVER tapered leaders are manufactured from high quality nylon. The combination of a compact p..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€