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Patagonia Rio Gallegos

H2No™ Performance Standard polyester microfiber shell with a proprietary waterproof/breathable ..

490,00€ Ex Tax: 408,33€


Waders Agama FLY PLUS Waders Agama FLY HEAVY are made of combination of 3 and 5 layer breathab..

388,00€ Ex Tax: 323,33€

Breathable waders Robinson New

Breathable waders Robinson

• Strong triple-layered breathable fabric 100% micro polyester. • 100% waterproofness of over 19.00..

99,00€ Ex Tax: 82,50€

Glue for wetsuit AGAMA

Glue for neoprene. It is necessary to use for both sides of neoprene. Let it dry and press bo..

5,00€ Ex Tax: 4,17€

Neoprene waders Agama COLDWATER

The AGAMA-Coldwater waders are result of more than 20 years development of fishing neoprene wader..

185,00€ Ex Tax: 154,17€

Patagonia Rio Azul Waders

Our most lightweight and packable waterproof/breathable waders for hot weather, or the traveling ang..

270,00€ Ex Tax: 225,00€

Patagonia Skeena River Waders

Our versatile, midweight Skeena River Waders strike an ideal balance between toughness and ease of m..

400,00€ Ex Tax: 333,33€

Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky

Quick-drying synthetic leather is lightweight and comfortable; extremely durable Venergy mesh w..

190,00€ Ex Tax: 158,33€

Robinson Breathable wader with rubber boots New

Robinson Breathable wader with rubber boots

Breathable wader Nylon 3 layers breathable 100% waterproofness of over 19.000mm/24 hod...

99,00€ Ex Tax: 82,50€

Robinson Wading Boots New

Robinson Wading Boots

Rugged nylon and synthetic uppers Abrasion-resistant Wade Guard on heels and toes Si..

66,00€ Ex Tax: 55,00€

Tungsten Stud

Super hard tungsten tip with four pointed crown design. Easy to mount . NOTE, the midsole must be mi..

0,99€ Ex Tax: 0,83€