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Aqua Roll-Top

Vodotesná taška s objemom 50 litrov. Rozmer :  30 cm x 58 cm x 60 cm Váha  : 790 gr ..

59,00€ Ex Tax: 49,17€

Koski Wader

Koski wader is made from soft and comfortable materials. The lower part’s thicker material comes u..

269,00€ Ex Tax: 224,17€

 Wader sets Koski -20%

Wader sets Koski

Koski Wader + Koski Gummi Shoe   ..

418,00€ 335,00€ Ex Tax: 279,17€

Koski Gummi Wading Shoe

Strong but lightweight Koski shoe is made from durable PVC material. This material doesn’t absorb ..

149,00€ Ex Tax: 124,17€

Nano Silicon Float 20ml

Nano Silicon is a nontoxic, silicon floatant that doesn’t leave an oil slick on the water. Thermally..

9,00€ Ex Tax: 7,50€

Vision Aqua Fly Box

Aqua flyboxes: keep them dry Two waterproof boxes for those of us how value our flies and..

20,00€ Ex Tax: 16,67€


Thick felt soles are made from tight fibre 100% polyester felt. ..

22,00€ Ex Tax: 18,33€

Vision Fly Box Aqua Salt

This new family consists of three types of fly boxes: Slim, Fit and Tube.The boxes are decorated wit..

27,90€ Ex Tax: 23,25€

Vision Fly Box SLIM Nymphmaniac

SIZE .  M - 128 x 100 x 12mm   L - 187 x 98 x 12mm   ..

20,00€ Ex Tax: 16,67€

Vision Grand Daddy

Grand Daddy fly lines are the offspring of our famous Big Daddy fly lines. Like its predecessor th..

83,00€ Ex Tax: 69,17€


Nymphmaniac rods has been designed together with some of the best competition anglers in Europe incl..

359,00€ Ex Tax: 299,17€


Fine powder floatant.  Use it for dry flies or creating realistic looking air bubbles on nymphs, pup..

9,00€ Ex Tax: 7,50€

Vision Running Line

Control - 30lb      30m   Orange This is a perfect running line for those who want to know wher..

49,00€ Ex Tax: 40,83€

Vision Stillmaniac WF 6

Stillmaniac lines are designed in conjunction with our Stillmaniac rods. These together create the u..

83,00€ Ex Tax: 69,17€

Vision Taimen Switch

The ultimate Taimen rod developed and designed by Peter Oberwimmer and his Crew. The Taimen switch ..

629,00€ Ex Tax: 524,17€