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Adaptér na trubičkové mušky

Adaptér na trubičkové mušky. ..

15,80€ Ex Tax: 13,17€

Bodyglas - half round

This transparent material with a semi circular cross section is perfect for nymphs. ..

1,50€ Ex Tax: 1,25€

Box na hlavičky

Box obsahuje 25 ks dóz, ktoré vám poslúžia na prehľadné uskladnenie hlavičiek alebo háčikov. Rozmer..

7,00€ Ex Tax: 5,83€

Coq de leon

Indispensable material that is used in binding mayfly nymphs and dry. Stet shows mayfly. Feathers ar..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Darčekové poukážky

Darčekové poukazy v hodnote 10, 20 a 30 Eur. Upozornenie: Poštovné za poukazy Vám nebude účtov..

10,00€ Ex Tax: 8,33€


The Fish-Skull™ is a weighted baitfish head that has a realistic profile and is specifically designe..

4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,50€

Flat lead wire

Used to load and nymphs Streamers. ..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€

Fly master zverák

Muškársky zverák ..

7,50€ Ex Tax: 6,25€

Fly Mini zverák

Muškársky zverák - mini ..

6,90€ Ex Tax: 5,75€

H 280 BL

Stillwater & Wet, Nymph & Wet Packing 25 pc. ..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

ICE body quil

Unique and irreplaceable material. It is used mainly for ringing nymphs and midges, but also to high..

1,80€ Ex Tax: 1,50€

Keeper ISO float tube

Keeper Iso float tube is better suited for the heavier people. Its foam filled seat and backr..

279,00€ Ex Tax: 232,50€

Košík pod zverák

Odstrihnutý materiál napr. srsť padá pri strihaní do košíka. ..

14,90€ Ex Tax: 12,42€

Lead wire

Used to load and nymphs Streamers. ..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€