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Holo Strength Tinsel

Hends Holo Strength Tinsel is a strong and narrow flat tinsel developed for tying medium, small and ..

1,50€ Ex Tax: 1,25€

Body Quills multicolor

Nothing complicated but very efficient for  fishing grayling and trout using “peche a vue ” – the fr..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€


Camouflage thread is a specially developed body thread that mimics real flies. The yarn has a flat s..

2,00€ Ex Tax: 1,67€

Flexi Floss

Flexi Floss can be used for: "rubber" legs and skirts; some like it as a floss replacement because..

1,30€ Ex Tax: 1,08€

Semperfli Cheeky UV Tinsel

Originally we were asked to develop buzzer cheeks for the UK Competition market, what we developed t..

4,15€ Ex Tax: 3,46€

Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 12/0 240 Yards

Fly tying needs great threads. Made from continuous strands of modern manufactured polyester for max..

3,59€ Ex Tax: 2,99€

Semperfli Nano Silk 100 Denier 6/0

Nano Silk is an amazing fly tying silk. No colour rub off with this new Nano Silk! Made from Gel Spu..

4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,50€

Semperfli Nano Silk 50D 12/0

Possibly the worlds strongest fly tying silk. 12/0 (50 dernier) use with ceramic bobbins ..

4,40€ Ex Tax: 3,67€

Semperfli Nano Silk Ultra 30D 18/0

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. With Nano S..

4,49€ Ex Tax: 3,74€

Semperfli Spyder 18/0

Semperfli Spyder 18/0

Semperfli Spyder thread is a traditional tying thread, was specially developed to be semi translucen..

1,90€ Ex Tax: 1,58€

Sybai Flat Tinsel 0,4mm

The most used size essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patterns. Its s..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€

Sybai Flat Tinsel 0.4 mm

Essential fly tying material that can be found on large number of patters. Its shine makes the fly m..

1,40€ Ex Tax: 1,17€

TT UV reflective

Binding, ringing accent and a thread-specific properties Their development has been very challeng..

2,00€ Ex Tax: 1,67€

Tying Thread Twist

Super fine and strong tying thread. Manufactured with a diameter of 0,002 in (0,05 mm) and length 10..

1,28€ Ex Tax: 1,07€