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Scierra Wading Stick

• Foldable wading stick is made in stainless steel • Comes equipped with a comfortable grip • Suppli..

33,00€ Ex Tax: 27,50€


The “Scierra Aerial Float/Intermediate” series consists of five different WF fly lines that are desi..

35,50€ Ex Tax: 29,58€


The “Scierra Aerial Float” is a series of seven floating WF-lines (# 3-9) with weight distributions ..

35,50€ Ex Tax: 29,58€

Scierra Big Fly aftm.10 /2,75m

Predators! This word is weighed with a certain archetypical ability to instill fear. If we close our..

180,00€ Ex Tax: 150,00€

Scierra BIG FLY II – WF

As the name suggests, these WF-lines are designed to carry really big flies to their intended destin..

35,50€ Ex Tax: 29,58€

Scierra Brook II WF

The “Scierra BROOK II” is a series of five short-headed floating WF-lines (# 2-6) that are designed ..

35,50€ Ex Tax: 29,58€

Scierra Helmsdale 20.000

The Scierra Helmsdale breathable waders range, are produced with focus on movement, comfort and dura..

166,00€ Ex Tax: 138,33€

Scierra Kenai Waders

Scierra Kenai Chest Waders Stocking Foot • 3-layer 100% Polyester construction • Waterproof by..

99,90€ Ex Tax: 83,25€

Scierra Thermo Suit

Thermo Body Suit 2nd generation fleece overall resulting in upgraded detailed body suit in superi..

52,00€ Ex Tax: 43,33€

Scierra Traxion 1 LW

TRAXION 1 LW • Machine cut from 1 block of 6061 grade aluminum • Extrem lightweight design • Sm..

109,00€ Ex Tax: 90,83€

Scierra Traxion 3 LW Gun Smoke

Super light weight • Machine cut from 1 block of 6061 grade aluminum • 1 cut frame with submerged ..

154,00€ Ex Tax: 128,33€