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Bicolour indicator

This line Indicator is one of the best ways to build a perfect czech nymphing Leader. orange/yellow..

6,50€ Ex Tax: 5,42€

Czech Nymph V Champion 4 v 1

Series of universal fly fishing rods made from high modulated quality carbon. Thanks to the special ..

H 130 BL

Unbeatable very fine hook on dry and wet fly with a broad and rounded bend. ..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

H 230 BL

An extra strong, heavy wire hook with a long shank for wet flies and nymphs. Reinforced design mo..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

H 260 BL

An extra strong, shorter shank hook for wet flies and nymphs. Irreplaceable for competition fishing ..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

H 450 BL

This special jig hook has been especially designed by Hanak and it is the most advanced Jig hook on ..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

H 500 BL

A straight eye hook with a short shank, extra wide bend, and slightly turned-in point. Excellent for..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

H 550 BL

Výnimočný háčik s predĺženým ramienkom, extra širokým oblúčikom, rovným očkom a mierne prihnutým hro..

3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,75€

HANAK Competition Alpen Nymph 4in1

Frantisek Hanak develops his fly rods in close collaboration with the top Czechs and world fly compe..

HANAK Competition River 3v1

HANAK Competition River 3v1-46 metal reel with three interchangeable plastic coils with a reliable b..

49,00€ Ex Tax: 40,83€

Hanak Competition WAVE

All metal large arbor reel with reliable brake. Wave 24  WF3F + 30 m backing , Bearings: 1RB ,..

44,00€ Ex Tax: 36,67€

Hanak Czech Nymph V

The latest generation of Hanak Competition Rods for Czech and French Nymphing with special leaders. ..

Hanak Superlight SLT 03F

HANAK Competition Superlight SLT03F - The World finest premium superslick floating fly line. This l..

43,00€ Ex Tax: 35,83€

Pads Fly Line

Wheel diameter: 75 cm Protection against fly line tangling, mud, sand, grass and other debris whi..

24,00€ Ex Tax: 20,00€

Streamer IV 2 v 1

Fly Rod design for river streamer fishing or still water fishing. HI-Carbon rod with unique construc..