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Alta Loft Jacket -50%

Alta Loft Jacket

This jacket features some new, cool and innovative details. Insulated with100% ECO friendly, silicon..

279,00€ 139,90€ Ex Tax: 116,58€

Easy Fold Net

No more tangles and getting stuck in branches when walking along the banks of your favorite stream o..

49,00€ Ex Tax: 40,83€

Fario Light Weight

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and ever..

325,00€ Ex Tax: 270,83€

Guideline 4Cast

When casting this line, you will notice the concentrated, yet very balanced weight distribution thro..

79,00€ Ex Tax: 65,83€

Guideline Coastal DC Evolve

DescriptionTECHNICAL INFOACCESSORIES   Description     Our brand ne..

89,00€ Ex Tax: 74,17€

Guideline Coastal Slow Int. -38%

Guideline Coastal Slow Int.

Coastal is aimed at flyfishers targeting Seatrout, Sea Bass and other species requiring a stealthy a..

84,90€ 53,00€ Ex Tax: 44,17€

Guideline Compline Shooting line

This shooting line is solid, oval and slow sinking. It is known for being the most durable and dep..

39,00€ Ex Tax: 32,50€

Guideline FAVO

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have ..

118,00€ Ex Tax: 98,33€

Guideline Fly Reel HALO

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all aspects of material and manufacturing. T..

199,00€ Ex Tax: 165,83€

Guideline LPs Euro Nymphing

 LPs (Light Presentation Series) is Euro nymph/light dry fly presentation rods that offer an amazing..

180,00€ Ex Tax: 150,00€

Guideline X-change TRI-Tip

A new, exciting line concept, equipped with a set of 12’ tips and a ”standard” weight idea that make..

125,00€ Ex Tax: 104,17€