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Polar Dubbing

Fine synthetic dubbing transparent long hair. Suitable for smaller shrimp patterns, Streamers, shrim..

1,67€ Ex Tax: 1,39€

Spectra Fine Dubbing

Versatile dubbing, which can be used for binding nymphs, wet flies, lures. Contains spectra hair tha..

0,80€ Ex Tax: 0,67€

Dispenser SLF Squirrel Dub

SLF Squirrel Dubbing is a coarse and spikey fly tying dubbing material that works very well for tyin..

21,90€ Ex Tax: 18,25€

Electric Dubbing

Electric Excellent, unique dubbing in very vivid colors is formed straight fibers of up to 50 mm...

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Fine UV Ice Dubbing, Box, Bright Colors

A fine diameter, Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Pe..

13,00€ Ex Tax: 10,83€

Seal dubbing

This fly tying material can be considered a all around dubbing and is used from nymphs to wet and em..

2,50€ Ex Tax: 2,08€

Sybai Flash Nymph dubbing

Special dubbing for tying nymphs. Mix of natural dubbings, long black guard hairs and flash syntheti..

1,65€ Ex Tax: 1,38€

Sybai Trilobal

Universal, slightly translucent dubbing excellent for streamer or nymph tying. Due to the shape of t..

1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,42€