Body Stretch

Body Stretch
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Fine UV FlashBack

Very fine UV pearlescent sheet, this changes its colour as the light hits it from different angles. ..

1,66€ Ex Tax: 1,38€

Sybai Body Stretch 4 mm

Body Stretch 4 mm Body Stretch, the original type of material for covering the backs of your nymp..

1,10€ Ex Tax: 0,92€

Sybai Magic Pearl Strips 3mm

   Improved version of the Pearl Strips with opalizing effect. Superb for ribbing of Salmon flies an..

1,75€ Ex Tax: 1,46€

Sybai Mirage Braidback

A new version of a braided back with a stronger pearlrscent shine for scuds, shrimp and midges also ..

1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,42€

Sybai Stretch Glass

Extremely soft and stretchable translucent strips. Transparent color. Used in nymph bodies, backs an..

1,65€ Ex Tax: 1,38€