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HANAK Competition River 3v1

HANAK Competition River 3v1-46 metal reel with three interchangeable plastic coils with a reliable b..

58,00€ Ex Tax: 48,33€

Hanak Competition WAVE

All metal large arbor reel with reliable brake. Wave 24  WF3F + 30 m backing , Bearings: 1RB ,..

44,00€ Ex Tax: 36,67€

Alfa Arctic 3

The name says it all. ARCTIC- pure, clean, art like design lines with state of art drag system. Util..

199,00€ Ex Tax: 165,83€

Alfa Arctic 5

The name says it all. ARCTIC- pure, clean, art like design lines with state of art drag system. Util..

229,00€ Ex Tax: 190,83€

Alfa Fly Reel 3+

Alfa Fly Reel 3+

Let's get coloured: crazy surfaces are one of ALFA's trade marks and they pimp every rod combo you c..

179,00€ 143,00€ Ex Tax: 119,17€

Baetis NYMPH MATIC 2.0

Semi-automatic aluminum reel. Microperforated design, reducing the weight considerably without affe..

198,00€ Ex Tax: 165,00€


Reel with reduzed body to lessen the weight to the minimum. Disk brake Large Arbor spool Ultralit..

99,00€ Ex Tax: 82,50€

Cheeky Boost 350 Triple Play 56

What’s the only thing better than an affordable fly reel that performs like a high end reel? The fis..

335,00€ Ex Tax: 279,17€

Delphin Flayka Fly Reel

Model: Delphin FLAYKA 3/4 Aftma: 3-4 Priemer cievky: 75mm Šírka cievky: 34mm Počet ložísk: 1 Hm..

26,40€ Ex Tax: 22,00€

Fario Light Weight

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and ever..

325,00€ Ex Tax: 270,83€

Guide Master XLT

Both the body and the spool are machined from a solid piece of aluminium under the assistance of the..

86,00€ Ex Tax: 71,67€

Guideline FAVO

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have ..

118,00€ Ex Tax: 98,33€

Guideline Fly Reel HALO

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all aspects of material and manufacturing. T..

199,00€ Ex Tax: 165,83€

HANÁK Competition Czech Nymph X

This modern ultra-large arbor reel is produced by machine-cut from 6061-grade air-aluminium bar stoc..

125,00€ Ex Tax: 104,17€

HANÁK Czech Nymph III

Machine-cut large-arbor reel with sensitive and reliable drag. Two ball-bearings combined with one-..

115,00€ Ex Tax: 95,83€